Cybersecurity: Defeat Sophisticated Attacks with AI

Powerful Security Solutions for Every Situation
Cybercrime continues to grow at an alarming rate making enterprises vulnerable to suffering financial and reputational losses, intellectual property theft, and other damage. FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers the most powerful, versatile, and effective cybersecurity solutions and products for every situation, from secure web gateways and total endpoint protection to next generation firewalls and management systems to power and control them.

Increase the Transparency of Network Traffic

Protecting Your Organization From The Inside Out
A critical component of cybersecurity is the ability to detect potential threats from inside your network before they have a chance to cause damage. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s products and solutions gives you the ability to monitor and visualize data across your enterprise network including cloud, data center, and IoT devices.

Stay Connected, Be Protected

Sophisticated technologies to fight cyberthreats
By investing in next generation technologies, including real time malware detection and active threat analysis, FUJIFILM Business Innovation helps enterprises modernize and safeguard their networks.

AI vs AI

Defeat sophisticated attacks with AI
Artificial intelligence plays a key role in today’s fight by FUJIFILM Business Innovation against cyberthreats by preventing threats, breaches and ransomware attacks infecting networks. Real time threat detection and prevention systems powered by artificial intelligence identify and investigate any unusual network activity while machine learning algorithms recognise and block malicious traffic.

AI: a Powerful & Vital Ally in Cybersecurity

Legacy cybersecurity products and solutions are unable to match the speed or sophistication of modern cyber threat landscape. We offer AI-driven cybersecurity solutions that can detect and prevent cyber threats in real-time, using machine learning algorithms that learn patterns of malicious behaviour.

Advanced Threat Detection: Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Threat detection is the process of identifying and mitigating threats before they harm your organization's network. Any data flowing in and out of an enterprise must be kept clean of any potential threat to enable business continuity and network integrity.

Cyber Threat Hunting: AI-Powered Security

Often, enterprises place a greater emphasis on stopping threats coming into the network via email or other traffic when, in fact, the greatest risk may be from an attacker already lurking inside the network. Our automated technologies identify potential vulnerabilities inside the network, helping enterprises to achieve a holistic security posture.

Threat Response: Find Malicious Activity Fast with Expert Response

When it comes to threat response, time is of the essence. The sooner you can detect and respond to an attack, the less damage it will cause or, with the proper tools in place, uncover a breach before harm is done.

Solution Advantages
Hybrid Environment Service Solution

Secure Hybrid Workforces against Cyberattacks

Enterprise Solution

A leader in cybersecurity solutions for enterprise customers

Threat & Consulting

Helping enterprises prevent, respond, and recover from security threats


Ensure your data is safe and your operations run smoothly

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