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It’s 3AM, is Your Data Security Keeping You Up?

Before we talk about the technology side of data protection, let’s start with the first link in the data chain-your employees. They are not only your most important asset, but …

(Event on May 20) Smart Workstyle with Hyperautomation: From Intelligence to Execution

To enable remote working and resilient operations, many are turning towards hyperautomation. Join us on 20 May 2022 to explore how hyperautomation helps your business to thrive with more efficient operation and smarter workflow.

Business Insight: 3 Common Factors of Successful Smart Offices

Implementing a smart office optimizes productivity, efficiency, and employee morale through automation and a networked ecosystem of devices and software, including Robotic Process Automation to automate high-volume but tedious processes.

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Igniting Digital Transformation in Your Business (Part I)

In a world of hyper-technology where terms like RPA, AI, Chatbot, and Blockchain are bandied about, what does it mean for your business going into 2019?

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Igniting Digital Transformation in Your Business (Part II) – Crafting Your Digital Strategy in 2019

With the advent of AI and RPA, it’s essential for a company to have a cohesive, integrated, enterprise-wide digital strategy in order to remain relevant, efficient and effective.

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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches Series of Multifunction Devices / Printers Under New Brand to Meet Business Challenges

To better equip enterprises in the face of business challenges, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is launching a series of brand-new multifunction devices and printers: ApeosPro / Apeos C / ApeosPrint series.

Data Security: Be Vigilant or Out

Dynamic Indexing and RPA are the key steps in the workflow to ensure data security, shorten processing time, ensure accuracy, and reduce project deployment time.

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Innovation Focus: Achieving COVID-Ready Mobile Security for Financial Services Workers

The challenge is clear for IT administrators and employers. FSI companies must create the necessary mobile working infrastructure to cope with increased uptake from quarantined users…

Are Robots Stealing Human Jobs?

RPA has been demonstrating massive potential in every industry around the globe. FSI is one of the sectors that combines fast innovation with realistic adoptions.

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We Did the Math: How FSIs Thrive with Robotic Process Automation

The RPA takeover freed the fintech company’s staff to focus on higher-value, more insight-driven work—resulting in improved morale and a lower staff turnover rate.

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Business Insight: The Tips of Successful Digital Transformation by Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Enterprises use RPA to optimize business processes that would otherwise tie up knowledge workers and prevent them from more actively formulating innovative solutions to high-order business problems.

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Automation is a Breath of Fresh Air for a Growing Business

To start with, you’ll need a way to standardize your invoicing and secure your data both at home and in your new regional operations.