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Automated Workflow: a Journey Worth Taking

Let’s take a quick look at how being less reliant on paper and moving toward digitisation could positively impact your enterprise.

Innovation Focus: How Automation will Drive the Future of AEC Work

As far as the AEC workforce goes, RPA solves workflow problems for both low-skill labor and high-paying executive ranks. Everybody – from construction foremen to architects to executives and CEOs – stands to benefit.

The Lowdown on Low-Cost Standalone EDMS in the AEC Industry

A low-cost EDMS system housed in a standalone server can help an AEC firm manage their entire document lifecycle, and serve a wide range of stakeholders—from architects to project managers to clients.

Business Insight: EDMS Critical to Your Digital Transformation

A well-designed EDMS supports a company in moving customer interactions into the digital space, which can increase customer satisfaction and be more profitable.

Business Insight: 4 Tools to Bulletproof Your Business Against Interruptions

A business continuity plan can help keep your business running when normal operations have stopped short. You can count on trusted partners like FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong to create…

Business Insight
How HR can Tackle a Distributed and Diverse Workforce

How do you track attendance for these increasingly mobile millennials? How do you train a distracted, dispersed labour pool? How do you update HR practice to keep up with changing local regulations?

Business Insight: Streamline Business Processes by up to 50% with BPM

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, companies must improve their operations constantly in order to survive. Those that don’t pursue continuous improvement of business processes end up with reduced profits…

Business Insight
Service Operation Centre: One-stop-shop Hassle-free Journey

Customers can get quick and effective support, our SOC technician will take the necessary actions onsite or remote support after receive service request for customers service portal or …

Work as a Smart Secretary in a Multipurpose Workplace

To protect business information, printers must be highly secure and capable of printing, scanning, uploading to the cloud, and downloading files in real time.

Mobile Print to Save Your Business Time

In this video, we will look at how mobile printing can help you work more efficiently.

How can OCR Assist in Making Lost Files a Thing of The Past?

In this video, we will look at how OCR (Optical Character Recognition) convert a physical paper document, or an image into an accessible electronic version with text.

Success Story: Build King Holdings Limited – Advanced Document Management Solution

The solutions not only improve document now between headquarters and site offices, but also help to enhance efficiency while lowering operational costs.