Information Management

Manage information across remote teams

When it comes to collaborative work, sharing files — and making sure said files are up-to-date — is a day-to-day necessity. That’s doubly true when working remotely. Managing a team, or working in a team, means multiple people editing documents, updating contact lists and managing information — sometimes simultaneously.

Cloud computing and file storage services have revolutionized the digital workplace by allowing groups of users to upload and download files in batches, and even seamlessly update files in real time. But those functions are only the beginning. Additionally, there’s also print-to-digital, security and the integration of different services to consider — and that’s where our tools come in. The right information management solutions allow for an efficiently run business.

Did you know that the average employee can lose up to two and a half hours a day — or 30% of the workday — simply searching for information that they need? Fortunately, this solution digitizes physical paper documents for easier, speedier searching.

From headcounts to budgets to annual leave, human resources comes with an endless amount of administrative data to keep track of. And when working remotely, having to access so much information can be difficult. But what if everything was available in the same place, just a click away?

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