Process Automation

Automating tasks to maximize human talent

Robots and AI are currently integral to our everyday lives — whether we realize it or not. Drafting emails, looking up information online or on our devices, keeping track of what’s in stock in our fridge, playing music, managing our home’s temperature… All of these are tasks that AI can help us with. So why shouldn’t the same go for businesses?

All too often, bright, driven employees can get bogged down in mindless, tedious busywork when their talents would be better utilized elsewhere. Automating certain tasks by delegating them to robotic tools created specifically to perform those tasks, can make your team more efficient and motivated — and your business will thrive then, too.

Traditional paper-based invoice processing is associated with high costs, limited visibility, and lengthy turnaround time that ultimately impede business progress and profitability. Increasingly, companies looking to gain operational efficiencies and improve their bottom line are turning to processes such as accounts payable (AP).

Think for a moment about all the invoices, contracts and other documents the average employee must encounter on any given day. Then imagine the time that would go into digitizing all these physical papers. Unlike typical scanners that only work if your document is in the right position, the AI-powered FlexiCapture smartly tracks and extracts the document regardless of its layout.

Consider a money-lending company where the risk of every client must be assessed before their loan is approved. The AI robotic processes of UiPath eliminate this repetitive job task by performing automatic risk assessment, speeding up the actual lending service.

Deciding how to allocate resources is a must in any business. HCI harnesses software-defined technology to create a virtual platform for resource allocation. The best bit? It easily scales, allowing for flexible use across all sorts of situations.

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