Work Anywhere, Anytime

Business as usual no matter where you work

The era of the old-fashioned cubicle office is over — just ask any modern entrepreneur or business executive. Today, with coworking spaces combining work and play, and more professionals hotdesking and working on the go than ever before, the office is wherever you happen to be — and digital workspaces can help.

When anywhere can become an office with a tap of a key or the swipe of a touchscreen, digital tools have to adapt to these environments: a cafe, a hotel lobby, a conference hall or even the cabin of a plane.

Digital work also requires instant, easy access to company data, as well as the ability to connect with colleagues — over video, voice or text — at a moment’s notice.

Signing contracts and agreements is a regular part of day-to-day business, and yet signing physical paperwork results in plenty of wasted time. For remote work to truly be flexible, we should be able to sign contracts anywhere, anytime. Enter the DocuSign eSignature, a function that speeds up the entire process.

When working from home or away from home, you no longer need to bring paper documents with you. Our printers can scan paper documents in seconds with just one click, and when combined with Dokmee Capture, documents can be identified, named, and archived to a specific location all in one place. You may simply find the relevant documents by searching the file names from wherever you are.

Nobody wants to carry stacks of hefty paper documents while working on the go, or switch between multiple digital storage platforms just for a single project. DocuWorks unifies paper and digital documents and syncs to the cloud, making work as easy as simply picking up your device of choice.

On a single phone or laptop, there are plenty of places where information can be saved. There’s also the issue of whether your phone has access to the same services as your computer. But what if a single system unified these different services, making them accessible no matter what device you’re using?

Remote work is hardly remote work if it’s dependent on physical devices: say, your office computer that contains all the files and tools that you need. VDI solves this problem by allowing employees to access their office computers from anywhere via a virtual desktop — so they can be “at the office” without even stepping into the building.

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