Zero Trust & Cybersecurity

Defend against the horrors of cybersecurity

Many major companies across the globe face data breaches that leak the personal details of countless customers and staff. Not only do these incidents cause alarm, threaten personal safety and damage the reputation of the company involved, some of these cases have taken years to settle in court.

For many companies, information is their bread and butter: business ideas and strategies, market data, intellectual property, and important clients and other work connections. That’s why maintaining privacy and preventing the theft of such information is paramount.

In a digital working environment, the right security tools are indispensable. So is standardizing your employees’ security and making sure that everyone is up to snuff.

Although outside threats are always a concern, what about internal security? Since M-Files features version control with an automatic audit trail, every edit to a file will be clearly attributed to a user – in other words, any attempt at tampering will be easily detected.

Studies show that global cyberattacks have increased by 50% over the past three years, including for medium-sized businesses. Such a risk requires comprehensive, encompassing services like this one, which covers all your company’s systems with the widest possible range of essential IT functions.

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